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We are an American-made Afro-Indigenous owned brand that sustainably creates fashion and visuals that depict an intersection of self-love and honesty. Aiming to withstand the times with inclusive and ethical messages and actions.

Meet the Designer

Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky Christopher Quarterman has an immersive background in visual and performing arts. With over a decade of fashion experience in his youth, Christopher began and has continued to push for the use of sustainable and unconventional materials within fashion and design.

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Designed in
New York.


Inspired by the contrast of relaxed country living and an on-the-go city attitude. Designed in reference to our Southern, Eastern, Northern, and Western journeys.
We create intentionally to represent transcendence with unapologetic ease. 

By uniting modern luxury and historic presence we are able to pay homage to our past by creating timeless pieces that can exist respectfully in the present with a positive impact on the future.

Reimagining vintage design for the modern world. Using what we have to build a future worth being a part of by bridging past ideas with a present purpose. 


We produce locally in Los Angeles, California from a handpicked selection of dead-stock, recycled, and organic materials. By using our Southern experiences to incorporate antiquities we can uncover heritage techniques within our construction processes with modern design .

Offering a size range of XS -3XL

*Available for custom order |

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Made in LA.