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About Us

Learning how to care for ourselves and Mother Earth simultaneously.

The CHR!STOPHER QUARTERMAN brand is a fusion of intersectional conversations that honor liberation towards the future within fashion, design, and self-care. ★


Our Story

Founded to support the bridge of sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. Slow-fashion is our answer to Mother Natures' call to action. Inspired by the exploration of our Afro-Indigenous roots. Creating timeless pieces that can exist freely and respectfully in the present with a positive impact on the future. 

Meet the Designer

Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky with an immersive background in visual and performing arts, Creative Director  and Founder Christopher Quarterman withstands over a decade of fashion industry experience in his youth and has continued to push for the use of sustainable and unconventional materials within fashion and design along with encouraging  individuality and the act of self-love; all of which are infused into the brands identity. 

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We produce only what we sell from a handpicked selection of materials. Prioritizing 100% cotton, dead-stock, recycled, and organic fabrics. By using our Southern upbringing  to incorporate antiquities we are able to pay homage to heritage techniques within our design and construction processes.

*Available for custom order |

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